PINK SAPPHIRE RING by Jennifer Dawes design



Whether you are looking for an engagement ring that reflects your sophistication, or you just love pink, this ring by Jennifer Dawes Design speaks volumes about the wearer. Clean parallel lines in both the center pink sapphire and side baguette diamonds reflect quiet glamour. The center 2.33 carat sapphire is a natural, unheated, saturated pink. Custom-cut by Peter Torraca, the center gem features a high crown and small table, as do the baguette diamond accents. Handmade with care in Jennifer’s studio, the milgrain details and matte finish emphasize the beveled corners and sculptural profile.  As always, 10% of the purchase goes directly to primary and trade schools in Tanzania and Kenya.

  • 2.33 carat fancy unheated pink sapphire from Umba, Tanzania.
  • 18k yellow gold.
  • Matte finish with milgrain details.
  • 2 white diamond baguettes .20ctw 4x2mm.
  • Designed by Jennifer Dawes Design.
  • Cut by Peter Torraca.


This sapphire center gem comes from the Umba region in Tanzania. This region is known for its multi-hued sapphires, garnets and tourmalines. These rich gem deposits follow the undulations of the Umba River in the Tanga region. Sapphires are found in the most incredible hues of blues, greens, purples, pinks, yellows and orange.  Many of these sapphires contain a number of inclusions that give the gems their color as well as character. Though sapphires from around the world are routinely heated, ANZA Gems does not heat sapphires, which would remove many of the internal inclusions and sometimes brighten the color. What you see is literally what you get right out of the red dirt in East Africa.