OKENOITE PENDANT by Jennifer Dawes design



A special 18kt yellow gold pendant by Jennifer Dawes Design showcases a 3.04 carat Okenoite. Purchased directly from Okeno in Kenya, it was faceted into a custom leaf shape by master cutter Roger Dery. Okenoite is named for the Kenyan dealer and miner who discovered this blue-green variety of feldspar. Jennifer Dawes framed this asymmetrical cut in a double-milgrained bezel setting on a 16″ gold chain, all in 18k yellow gold. This is a special piece, as Okeno passed away in 2016 very unexpectedly. He leaves behind a family with three young children and a huge hole in the gem community in southern Kenya. 40% of the purchase of this pendant will go directly to Esther, Okeno’s widow to benefit the family, and 10% will go to Okeno’s driving passion: education in Kenya.

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This is Okenoite from Kenya. Gichuchu Okeno was a gem dealer and mine owner in his native Kenya. While exploring mining in Kenya, he discovered an interesting blue-green feldspar variety. After submitting to a few gem labs for identification, it became apparent that this was a new variety of feldspar, and is named after him: Okenoite. Sadly, Okeno passed away in March of 2016, so the future of this gemstone is uncertain.


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