KIWI GARNET RING by Jennifer Dawes design



A Jennifer Dawes Design ring showcasing a 1.78ct oval cut kiwi garnet from Kenya. This rough gem was purchased on one of ANZA Gems’ first trips to East Africa. This kiwi-colored gemstone almost glows in its halo of green diamond. Jennifer Dawes set this in her studio in California, in an 18k hand hammered yellow gold band. 10% of the purchase of this ring goes to fund primary and trade schools in East Africa.

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This is a green grossular garnet from Kenya. While many people are familiar with red garnet varieties, garnet can also come in shades of green, from pastel sage-y to vivid kiwi to a deep green that rivals emerald, called Tsavorite. On every buying trip to Kenya and Tanzania, ANZA Gems looks for green garnets: sometimes we find them, sometimes we don’t. With a hardness that works well for wearing everyday, and a refractive index higher than emerald, green garnets make a great choice in this color spectrum. Garnets are not treated or altered in anyway.