Designer Alexis Kletjian created this simple, sleek design centered around a 1.34 carat mint green tourmaline. This one of a kind ring truly highlights the mesmerizing beauty of this square step cut Tanzanian tourmaline faceted by Peter Torraca in New York. The 18k yellow gold creates a rich, lustrous setting that both feels good and does good with 10% of this purchase going directly to primary and trade schools in gemstone communities in Tanzania and Kenya.

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This is a yellow chrysoberyl from Tanzania. We don’t find a lot of Chrysoberyl on our buying trips to East Africa, so we get pretty excited about this gem! Measuring an 8.5 on Mohs hardness scale and with a relatively high refractive index, Chrysoberyl is bright, lively and makes a good choice to wear every day. It is typically found eye-clean and is almost never treated or altered.