GARNET SHIELD PENDANT by Erika Winters fine jewelry



This pendant by Erika Winters Fine Jewelry features a custom shield shape almandine garnet from Kenya. Custom cut by Peter Torraca, the 8.1 carat red garnet has incredible depth of color and the cut seems to suggest an older cutting style reminiscent of Victorian garnet jewelry. The setting follows the complex contours of the gem and features Erika’s signature soft finish and milgrain details. The diamonds are single cut diamonds in an antique style, and hand-selected by Erika herself to contrast the center. Some think this design resembles a heart, some a shield. We think the shield shelters the wearer’s brave heart. This is beautiful jewelry that makes a difference: 10% of the purchase goes back to education in gemstone communities in Tanzania and Kenya.

  • Custom shield cut 8.1ct Alamandine garnet from Kenya.
  • .12 single cut diamond melee.
  • 18k yellow gold.
  • 18″ chain.
  • Designed by Erika Winters.
  • Cut by Peter Torraca.
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This is an almandine garnet from Kenya. Fine quality almandine garnet tends to be in the true red spectrum with orange or violet highlights. Garnet’s relative durability of 7.5 to 8 on Moh’s hardness scale lends itself to more everyday wear, and its high refractive index gives it great sparkle. Gem cutters generally love to cut garnet, as it takes a polish very well and has an adamantine (diamond-like) finish. Garnet is found in many places around the globe, but ANZA Gems garnets are sourced directly from Tanzania and Kenya. Garnet is not usually treated or altered in any way.