EMERALD CUT ZIRCON RING by Valerie Madison Jewelry


A 2.97 carat deep red Tanzanian zircon is the star of this LilyEmme Jewelry half bezel ring. Valerie of LilyEmme is particularly masterful at super clean designs, and this half bezel perfectly follows the lines of the blocked corners of the custom emerald cut by Beth Stier. The alloy shade of the 14k yellow gold complements the vivid red zircon with a peachy overtone (unheated by ANZA Gems). The band features a brushed finish on the top surface, but the bezel and profile of the ring are high polish to emphasize the brilliance of the zircon. As always, this ring makes a difference in the gem communities of East Africa by funding 10% of the purchase to primary and trade schools.

This zircon center gem was purchased as a rough gemstone directly from Tanzania. Zircon is a remarkably versatile gemstone occurring in a multitude of hues and from a variety of locations all over the world. Zircon gems from Tanzania range from a pastel peachy pink to pinkish lavender to a rich garnet-like red. In their rough state, they look a little like dirty rocks, but feel heavy in the hand and sometimes reveal a glimpse of their pink or red interiors. In a skilled cutters hands, they can take the doubly-refractive nature of zircon and make it dazzle the eyes with its brilliance. Some zircon is a very dark red-brown as it comes out of the ground in East Africa and can be heated to achieve a lighter pink to peachy sherry hue. This is a permanent treatment and will be disclosed in the description for each ANZA Gems piece of jewelry.