7.21 ct Rhodolite Perch Ring by Leslie Paige Jewelry

This Leslie Paige Jewelry Perched Setting® Ring is her contribution to the Lift Collection benefiting East African women miners.

Leslie’s signature Perched Setting® is perfect to showcase this rich 7.21 carat deep purple garnet that hails originally from Mozambique. The custom rose cut was actually one of several gems cut from one very large, exceptional rough gem by Peter Torraca of the US.  

The simple, unique design truly elevates the beauty of this rhodolite to the next level by allowing light to pass through the gem and highlight its color and brilliance. The unusual setting seems to draw people in, sparking conversations and connecting people. With this ring in particular, it gives the wearer the opportunity to share about The Lift Collection and how it benefits the women who mined the stone.

14K yellow gold. Size 8.

100% of the proceeds from this ring will be donated to Gem Legacy to support East African women miners.