2.6 ct Rhodolite Garnet Ring by Aimee Kennedy

This is Canadian designer Aimee Kennedy’s gorgeous contribution to our Lift Collection.

The 2.6 carat rhodolite garnet was purchased as a rough gem in its native Tanzania.  Dan Lynch of the US faceted it into the signature “ANZA cut”, with a unique outline and faceting structure to maximize color and brilliance.  It has particularly vivid purple and pink highlights that are emphasized by the open structure of the mounting.

Aimee chose this rhodolite garnet because it’s just her style with its angular facets and rich color. She kept the design simple to keep the rhodolite the focus, setting the gem  in an apricot toned 19K Portuguese gold to compliment its berry color.

The texture of the ring is evocative of ancient stone, creating a tension between the modern design and the antique feeling of the surface. The bold claws bring a powerful energy to the ring that Aimee hopes you feel within yourself when you put it on

100% of the proceeds from this ring will be donated to Gem Legacy to support East African women miners. .