2.82 ct Rhodolite Garnet Ring by Pamela Zamore Jewelry

This gorgeous talisman pendant is Pamela Zamore’s contribution to the Lift Collection benefiting East African women miners.

The center gem is a 2.82 carat rhodolite garnet purchased rough in Tanzania.  Beth Stier, a US faceter, fashioned it into a custom elongated cushion shape which emphasizes its bright pinkish purple hue. 

For Pamela, the elegant cut and charming air of this rhodolite set the aesthetic for her design. She wanted to bring the magic of her star motif into the piece to accent the gem, but not overpower it which resulted this gorgeous pendant that has a sort of sweetness to it, but still makes a strong impact. It also should be noted that rhodolite, with its vibrant pink color, is said to bring out compassion in its wearer which was particularly meaningful to Pamela for her Lift Collection Star Amulet. She took great pleasure in designing this piece as a way to give back to a community of women who bring beauty to her work and the work of other designers. 

14K yellow gold with .03cts white diamonds. 18″ in length.

100% of the proceeds from this ring will be donated to Gem Legacy to support East African women miners.