15.65 ct Aquamarine Pendant by Debra Navarro Jewelry

This stunning rough gemstone pendant is Debra Navarro Jewelry’s contribution to the Lift Collection benefiting East African women miners.

A 15.65 carat Tanzanian rough aqua is at the heart of this magical design. Deb has a deep love for the innate beauty of rough gems, so it was only natural that she would be drawn to this gorgeous, clear blue aquamarine with a natural flat crystal face begging to be polished with her signature Tenda-Cut facet. “Tenda” means “to do good” In Swahili, which was perfect as Deb knew this piece would manifest good.

Deb’s vision for this piece came to fruition in a powerful way through a series of unpredictable events that seemed more like kismet than coincidence. The result is this sensational wearable work of art – a rough gem swaddled in 18k gold and set with natural colored diamond Sand pave (0.27ct) – that celebrates the bigger picture of life, connection, and love.

18 inch 18k gold cable chain.

100% of the proceeds from this pendant will be donated to support East African women miners and BIPOC women in the US.