1.84ct Zircon



Fully traceable from our Moyo Gems Collection.

Gem: Zircon

Weight: 1.84 ct

Country of Origin: Tanzania

Miner: Juma

Cutter: Beth Stier in Michigan

Shape: Oval cushion

Dimensions: 7.93mm x 6.02mm

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Zircon is a remarkably versatile gemstone occurring in a multitude of hues and from a variety of locations all over the world. Zircon gems from Tanzania range from a pastel peachy pink to pinkish lavender to a rich garnet-like red. In their rough state, they look a little like dirty rocks, but feel heavy in the hand and sometimes reveal a glimpse of their pink or red interiors. In a skilled cutters hands, they can take the doubly-refractive nature of zircon and make it dazzle the eyes with its brilliance. Some zircon is a very dark red-brown as it comes out of the ground in East Africa, and can be heated to achieve a lighter pink to peachy sherry hue. This is a permanent treatment and will be disclosed in the description if applied.