1.40ct Sapphire



Fully traceable from our Moyo Gems Collection.

Gem: Umba sapphire

Weight: 1.40 ct

Country of Origin: Tanzania

Miner: Vitalis

Cutter: Beth Stier in Michigan

Shape: Square cushion

Dimensions: 6.46mm x 6.46mm

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Sapphires are found in the most incredible hues of blues, greens, purples, pinks, yellows and orange within the rich gem deposits that follow the undulations of the Umba River in Tanzaniza’s Tanga region.  Many of these sapphires contain a number of inclusions that give the gems their color as well as character.  Though sapphires from around the world are routinely heated, ANZA Gems does not heat sapphires, which would remove many of the internal inclusions and sometimes brighten the color.  What you see is literally what you get right out of the red dirt in East Africa.

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Blue, Purple